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IMDB Script to Screen

Ben was a judge on the 2021 IMDB script to screen award with Col Needham, Founder and CEO of IMDB, and Nicky Bentham of Neon Films.

4 star review for The Drifters

There’s a certain sense of homage to the French nouvelle vague of the 1950s and 60s in The Drifters. Charm and don’t-care-ism, poetic...

Lula loves Lucie

Sight & Sound Review

'A stylish road movie...' '...the evident craft that’s gone into every frame provides consistent visual pleasure' Trevor Johnston.

Wonderland Feature

'Languid and imbued with the idyllic scenes of an eternal summer, The Drifters is a film that marries together the colourful cool of...

Filmmaker Bond has a terrific eye...

'Filmmaker Bond has a terrific eye for catching telling details in the connections between characters who live in society's margin...' -...

A powerful and visually stunning debut

'A powerful and visually stunning debut that examines matters of migration and identity through a concise and articulate lens. Elevated...

The People's Movies

'Infused with a fizzing energy and a warmth' 'The Drifters has confidence to spare in the way it regularly breaks the fourth wall and...

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