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'The Drifters' is a beautiful film, one thats simplicity is to be admired

THE DRIFTERS is released in virtual cinemas from 2 April and on demand 5 April 2021

Starring Lucie Bourdeu (En Famille, Kings for a Day) and rising UK star Jonathan Ajayi (Noughts & Crosses , Wonder Woman 1984 ) 'THE DRIFTERS' is a love story about identity and place in a post - Brexit United Kingdom. Koffee , an African migrant, and Fanny, a French waitress, are two lost souls who attempt to find home in one another and escape the labels that inevitably leave them homeless.

Written and Directed by Benjamin Bond (BAFTA Nominated SKINS, Killing Bono, Delta Forever) 'THE DRIFTERS' is produced by BAFTA award-winning producer and development executive Iona Sweeney (Lizard Girl, Found), and executive produced by Andy Brunskill (Jet Trash, Lilting, Homebound), Elinor Day (East Is East, Charlotte Gray, The Warrior, Killing Me Softly, Killing Eve), Paul Ashton (Calibre, Adult Life Skills, Shifty, Westwood), Evan Leighton-Davis (Sweetheart), Ben Thompson (Brooklands) and Patrick Milling-Smith (Wild Geese, Becket).

'The Drifters' is an eye opening character study the shines a light on the very real struggle to find meaning in an ever changing world. Films like this dont come along very often and they do remind you about the power of storytelling and the need for relatable and grounded characters. From the sombre opening it feels all too real and the well crafted story does open up alot of avenues for conversation and even debate.

Writer/Director Benjamin Bond is a very smart storyteller creating an epic feeling tale shown through an independent scope. Bond's script is beautifully crafted and very bold in its execution as it opens up a very emotionally driven narrative that is at times almost darkly comic but never drifts from its powerful core. 'The Drifters' has all the hallmarks of a storyteller really finding his voice and his identity as a filmmaker. This is a back to basics film that is everything you want from a plain and simple well told story that is made from pure passion for the arts. Jonathan Ajayi and Lucie Bourdeu giver stripped back powerful performances that will draw you in from the start as you follow their journey almost like a third person. At times the films style feels almost documentary like , found footage of a journey through a changing world in the footsteps of dreamers.

'The Drifters' is a beautiful film, one thats simplicity is to be admired in how effective it still is. A script like this is something film students can use as they look to learn the craft of storytelling. Bond is someone who will only get better and is a filmmaker to look out for in the future.


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