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'Timeless performances' Beth Webb

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

More reviews for The Drifters

'Beautifully shot, well acted and a fantastic tourism advert for Great Britain with enough oddball moments to keep us cinephiles happy” — BRWC, Battle Royale with Cheese

'Playful and aesthetically charming, The Drifters builds an alluring atmosphere frame after frame’ - The Upcoming.

'A film so bright, vibrant and immersed in Nouvelle Vague cool, that you need sunglasses to watch it' 'It really is a gem', Your Screen.

'Timeless peformances’ 'The Drifters’ adroit ability to coax lightness out of a dark and divisive moment in history aspires to endure” — Aesthetica Magazine.

‘A playful film with sweet moments and rooted in devastating real stories’ Letterboxd

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